About Us


Since 1985 our Company manufactures any type and dimension of carbon brushes for electrical  machines, utilized row carbon materials supplied by Germany. Year by year  we have enlarged the range of our  production including standard and special brush-holders, slip rings, commutators, pumice-stone bars, abrasive rubbers for collectors cleaning. Basing on more then 20 years of our experience in this field, our Company is able to satisfy any request of the customers manufacturing  carbon brushes from drawings and/or samples with different qualities of materials. Materials quality, accuracy processing, reasonable delivery times, competitive prices, constant efforts and availability to support our customer make our Company a trusty supplier.

Our customer list includes:

  • buildings and repair of electrical machines in general;
  • buildings and repair of  electrical elevators;
  • public utility  Companies;
  • electrical, steel, plastic, paper, food, textile, mechanical, chemical, galvanic and cement industries;
  • manufacturers of different machines;
  • manufacturers of power tools;
  • manufacturers of electromechanical components;
  • dealers and resellersi.